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Area of Practice - Communication
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Public Relations and Communications


  1. Comprehend effective communication strategies and techniques and assist in the development and implementation for both external and internal communications.
  2. Identify and understand the components of public information management and public relations
  3. Understand the major stakeholders within the school district
  4. Develop and use appropriate presentation skills/strategies to present financial data and other information as requested as required to various stakeholders


Social Media


  1. Understand the principles of social media
  2. Knowledge of major tools, categories and possible uses of social networking
  3. Apply social media to solve information problems, and communicate digitally with users
  4. Use social networking sites for promotional, reference and informational purposes.
  5. Navigate, evaluate and create professional content on social networking sites
  6. Follow netiquette, conform to ethical standards and interact appropriately with others online
  7. Understand copyright, security and privacy legislation as it relates to the use of social media sites
  8. Understand the importance of digital identity and reputation management using social media
  9. Develop acceptable use policies and practices for networking and social learning for staff and students