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Area of Practice - Facility Management
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Facility Management

Planning and Construction


  1. Member of the planning team to develop a long range facility plan
  2. Engage the community in future facility needs
  3. Develop a working knowledge of funding sources and issues relating to facility construction
  4. Develop procedures for selecting applicable professionals
  5. Apply school site educational specifications
  6. Ensure statutory regulations regarding advertising, awarding and managing construction projects are adhered to
  7. Recognize the impact of energy and environmental factors on the learning environment
  8. Meet statutory requirements regarding construction and renovation projects
  9. Develop a project management plan to guarantee project solvency


Maintenance and Operations


  1. Administer procedures required to keep facilities clean, safe and secure
  2. Manage energy consumption and environmental aspects
  3. Determine resource allocation for maintenance and operations
  4. Develop a crisis management plan for the district
  5. Maintain a positive relationship with staff, contractors, and suppliers
  6. Consider partnerships to enhance services and resources available to the district
  7. Use technology to improve facilities through data management