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Area of Practice - HR Management
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Human Resource Management

Personnel and Benefits Administration


  1. Assist with recruitment, selection, orientation, assignment, evaluation and termination of personnel
  2. Facilitate the development and management of an appropriate personnel information management database
  3. Manage and evaluate payroll operations

  4. Interpret employment agreements
  5. Research and explain "total” compensation arrangements
  6. Implement employment reductions or terminations as governed by employment agreements and statutory requirements

Professional Growth


  1. Involve staff in determining their professional development needs
  2. Identify and evaluate professional growth plans
  3. Build and implement professional growth , supervision and evaluation plans
  4. Attends appropriate personal and professional opportunities to contribute to personal and professional growth

Labour Relations and Employment Agreements


  1. Analyze all local and statutory regulations with respect to employment agreements
  2. Develop and analyze methods for assessing salary and benefit packages and proposals
  3. Analyze and compare employment agreements with those of other authorities
  4. Identify and monitor compliance with grievance procedures
  5. Review provincial regulations with respect to mediation and arbitration

Human Relations 


  1. Develop, interpret and apply personnel policies and procedures
  2. Diagnose, and maintain employee wellness and/or employee assistance programs
  3.  Identify and implement conflict resolution and team building procedures
  4. Recognize and promote standards of ethical behaviour and professional conduct
  5. Stay current with management theory and leadership styles