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Regular Membership
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Includes all member benefits

  • held by the individual
  • not transferable
  • voting rights
  • pre-requisite for Certified School Business Official designation
  • Publications membership with ASBO International
  • access to ASBO International Global School Business Network
  • access to all programs and services provided by the Association


  • employed by a school jurisdiction as a senior school business official with
    responsibility in matters related to the management of the jurisdictions’ financial and/or
    business functions; and,
  • pay the membership fee
  • abide by the Association Code of Ethics

Definition of school jurisdiction include:  (as defined in ASBOA Bylaws)

Alberta or Northwest Territories

  • school districts
  • school divisions
  • regional divisions
  • Francophone regional authorities
  • charter schools
  • Lloydminster Public School Division and the Lloydminster Roman Catholic Separate
    School Division
  • First Nation school authorities primarily located within Alberta.

Examples of a senior school business official:

  • Secretary Treasurer (as required under the School Act -section 116)
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Chief Business Operations
  • Associate (or similar title) Superintendent of Financial and/or Business Services,
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Secretary Treasurer, (Secretary or Treasurer)
  • Director of Financial and/or Business Services,
  • Director of HR; Communications, OH&S, Facilities, Transportation, Purchasing, Risk Management, Technology
  • Manager