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Area of Practice - Planning and Evaluation
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Planning and Evaluation

Strategic Planning


  1. Participate in the development of short and long term goals
  2. Assist with the development and communication of a vision, mission and strategic direction of the district
  3. Assist with the development, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of a strategic plan
  4. Assist in providing the data required to facilitate the strategic planning process


Program Evaluation


  1. Evaluate programs and services for relevancy, effectiveness and efficiency to achieve desired outcomes in strategic plan
  2. Develop Key Performance Indicators for measuring desired outcomes
  3. Identify economic and cost factors in program operation and evaluation
  4. Develop, analyze, and apply methods to measure program outcomes and effectiveness
  5. Manage change when evaluation determines it is necessary
  6. Allocate resources to programs and services to achieve desired outcomes

Community Engagement


  1. Participate in a comprehensive system to target broad community engagement
  2. Develops plans to review and analyze stakeholders perspective into strategic direction
  3. Communicate results, findings and future action from Community Engagement
  4. Develop processes to implement engagement into annual planning process of the organization
  5. Develop relationships with stakeholders to create strategic alliances in the community