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Area of Practice - Property Management
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Property Acquisition and Management




  1. Adhere to a strict code of procurement ethics
  2. Apply generally accepted practices and procedures in the purchasing process
  3. Administer an integrated electronic management system to maintain the purchasing process
  4. Formulate bid requirements for specifications, advertisements, and selection that complies with all government regulations
  5. Analyze and implement an e-procurement process that complies with all government regulations
  6. Properly and effectively apply the rules, regulations and statutes that govern school procurement
  7. Obtain good value for each procurement


Supply and Fixed Asset Management


  1. Develop a system to manage and track inventory
  2. Develop a program for acquisition, maintenance, repair and disposal of equipment
  3. Develop a system for the financial analysis of life cycle costs and quality control
  4. Develop a system to track the valuation, classification and amortization of capital assets


Real Estate Management


  1. Develop procedures for the acquisition and disposal of land and buildings
  2. Coordinate with government agencies regarding zoning, land use and other real estate issues
  3. Develop and implement a use of facility system that complies with all government regulations