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School Administration - RESOURCE LIBRARY


  • Resource Documents related to Organization and Administration 
  • Public Policy and Intergovernmental Relations
  • Legal Issues
  • Risk Management

All Things Elections

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Materials for the December 2nd workshop - All Things Elections
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Election Services Agreement - Insurance Bulletin PDF (162.6 KB) Administration 6/20/2017
Municipal Returning Officer Training Link  more ] Administration 5/10/2017
All Things Elections_ASBOA Professional Develo.pdf PDF (412.44 KB) Administration 11/30/2016
2017 IMPORTANT DATES.pdf PDF (132.32 KB) Administration 11/30/2016
Important Bylaws and Resolution Timelines.pdf PDF (394.66 KB) Administration 11/30/2016
Authorized_Identification_poster.pdf PDF (219.03 KB) Administration 11/30/2016
All Things Elections - The Day After PPTX (760.92 KB) Administration 12/2/2016

Anti Spam Resources

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A collection of samples and resources available for ensuring compliance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam legislation.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
There are no files to display.

Insurance Bulletins

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A collection of Insurance Bulletins that may be of interest to school boards.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Cyber Attacks and Phishing Scams PDF (221.31 KB)  more ] Administration 6/20/2017
How to transform Employee Worst Practices into PDF (2.9 MB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2017
Inspection Tip: Slips, Trips & Falls PDF (69.84 KB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2017
Are Your Photos Facebook Appropriate? PDF (185.49 KB)  more ] Administration 2/8/2017
Ransomware PDF (1.37 MB)  more ] Administration 1/3/2017
Temporary Winter Closure Procedures PDF (173.86 KB)  more ] Administration 1/3/2017
Preventing Sexual Misconduct in Schools PDF (306.36 KB) Administration 11/29/2016
The ABC's of School Risk Management PDF (259.31 KB) Administration 11/29/2016
Inspection Tips PDF (362.63 KB)  more ] Administration 11/29/2016
Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and.... PDF (1.43 MB)  more ] Administration 11/29/2016
ASBIE Insurance Bulletin - Cybersecurity PDF (248.54 KB)  more ] Administration 11/2/2016
ASBIE Insurance Bulletin-Automobile PDF (187.98 KB)  more ] Administration 11/2/2016
Insurance Bulletin - Fleet On-Road Safety and .pdf PDF (120.41 KB) Administration 11/2/2016
Insurance Bulletin - Community Use of School .pdf PDF (208.23 KB) Administration 11/2/2016
Insurance Bulletin - Safety While Travelling A.pdf PDF (300.86 KB) Administration 11/2/2016
Keep the School Safe PDF (216.28 KB)  more ] Administration 6/30/2015
Insurance Bulletin - First Aid Basics.pdf PDF (149.38 KB) Administration 11/2/2016

Legislation and Regulation Resources

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Based on the ASBOA Definition of Practice, the various pieces of legislation and regulations that a school business official refers to in the course of their job.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
School Transportation Regulation PDF (196.65 KB)  more ] Administration 6/6/2017
School Fee Regulations PDF (95.93 KB)  more ] Administration 6/6/2017
Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) Link Administration 5/31/2017
POARA Link  more ] Administration 8/14/2016
SBO Regulations 37/2004 Link  more ] Administration 8/14/2016
Legislation and Regulation Resources PDF (118.49 KB)  more ] Administration 1/16/2014
Ministerial Order Student Learning PDF (1.08 MB)  more ] S. Lang 8/15/2016
PIPA DOC (78 KB)  more ] S. Lang 8/15/2016
Bourinots Rules at a Glance PDF (135.27 KB)  more ] S. Lang 8/15/2016
Bourinots Rules PDF (133.98 KB)  more ] S. Lang 8/15/2016

MGA Review

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A summary of documents regarding the MGA Review
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Municipal Government Act - Discussion Guide - .PDF PDF (567.96 KB) Administration 11/25/2016
Municipal Government Act - House Amendments.docx DOCX (49.9 KB) Administration 11/25/2016

Whistleblower Legislation

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Compilation of Best Practices and legislation related to Whistleblower Legislation in Alberta
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Public Interest Disclosure Act Highlights PDF (122.44 KB)  more ] Administration 8/19/2013
Public Interest Disclosure Act Backgrounder PDF (160.05 KB) Administration 8/19/2013
Best Practices for Key Elements PDF (1.64 MB)  more ] Administration 8/19/2013