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Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is required under the Professions and Occupations Association Registration Act. The members of this committee meet on average 2-3 times per year to address items as identified under the ACT and the SBO Regulations. Volunteers sitting on this committee must be Certified School Business Officials.



To maintain the responsibilities under POARA with respect to the legislated Discipline Committee – See Regulation 14 thru 15 for Powers and Duties; See Part 3 of the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act – Revised statues of Alberta, Chapter P-26

Maintain an appropriate procedural guideline document for dealing with complaints.  This document shall be posted on the web for member and public access.


 as identified in the Professions Act and the School Business Officials Regulations.


The committee will report to the ASBOA executive on activities a minimum of 2 times per year – early December and March.  In addition an annual report will be filed and presented to the membership as a whole at the annual general meeting.


 Terms of reference for the Discipline Committee shall be as specified in the School Business Officials Regulations (37/2004) and the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act.


Shall consist of:
  •  One (1) certified school business official who is a member of the Executive
  •  At least three (3) certified school business officials who are not members of the Executive, one of whom must be appointed as chair.
  • The members of the Discipline committee must be appointed by the Executive in accordance with the bylaws

The Executive may choose to add additional Certified Members if required.


ASBOA is a member of the Foundation of Administrative Justice which provides a variety of courses and programs for professional associations. We encourage all committee members to consider accessing these programs at some point during their time on the committee. 


Recommended Training:  Foundation of Administrative Justice

Introduction to Administrative Justice

Looking for an introduction or a refresher? This two-day course can be either. It covers an overview of the principles of administrative law, fair process, professional conduct, hearings, evidence, decision making and decision writing. The information and exercises help administrative justice decision makers acquire a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.  Staff, administrators and advocates learn how they work with the decision makers in the hearing process.  Participants leave with basic knowledge and skills.  Course includes pre-course reading.