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Information Reporting Committee

The Information Reporting Committee is a joint committee with Alberta Education Strategic Financial Services. This committee meets to share insight, experience and expertise to help create efficiency and determine effective data collection on both current and future reporting requirements and information requests between school jurisdictions and Alberta Education.

ASBOA's role - Individual ASBOA members on the committee will be expected to provide their unique perspectives during issue discussions and participate in information sharing with each other and Alberta Education representatives. 

Members -   ASBOA will appoint up to 7 members, trying to ensure fair representation from small, large, public, catholic, rural, urban, north, south, central type jurisdictions. The vice president of the Association will be the liaison between the board and the committee.

Reporting - The Vice President will provide a report to the ASBOA Executive following each meeting and bring forward any items that may require board support.

Process- Meetings of the group will be chaired by the Executive Director, Strategic Financial Services.  

  • The Committee will meet three times a year. Urgent issues may be dealt with by email when consultation with ASBOA representatives is required. Video conferencing shall be used for meetings to accommodate members whose travel into Edmonton is not feasible or in situations where the meeting notification does not allow for efficient and/or effective transportation to the meeting by committee members.

  • The agenda for the meeting will be provided to committee members two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting. Agenda items will be requested three weeks in advance. The items on the agenda will include, if the item is for discussion, information, or a decision. Any additions to the agenda will be included when the agenda is reviewed and approved at the start of the meeting.

  • A meeting summary, including a record of decisions and any action items will be distributed to all committee members.

  • These discussions will occur in a secure, safe environment so that open and honest information can be shared by both groups. Confidentiality will be of the upmost importance.

Administration Details -

  • appointments to the group should be a minimum of two years.
  • Meetings will be held in Commerce Place and will be hosted by Alberta Education
  • ASBOA will defray costs for their representatives.