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Leadership Development Committee


To identify and develop future leaders for the Association.

  • identify the desired skills and competencies needed for the Executive
  • work with the committees to identify future volunteers
  • establish a Mentoring strategy for Executive and Committees
  • develop a strategy to educate members about being a board member

To support the Executive in ensuring that members of the Association are recognized and valued.

  • Review all nominations received for Awards and selecting recipients and advising the Executive  prior to the March meeting each year, if there will be presentations.
  • in the event there are no nominations received from the general membership, the committee may put forth a nomination (s) of an individual who meets the criteria for a specific award.  This is not intended to circumvent nominations from the membership.
  • to  make the presentations annually in conjunction with the Annual Conference
  • may recommend life memberships  to the Executive for their approval


  • Active Past Presidents of the Association
  • Zone Directors