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Legislative Committee



The committee shall be responsible for ensuring that ASBOA remains up to date and compliant with Legislative and Regulatory requirements under the Professions and Occupations Act.  The committee is also assigned the responsibility of identifying other provincial and federal legislation that may impact the Association and/or its membership.


The committee is accountable to the Executive.  


Reports to the board a minimum of two times a year and provides an annual report to the membership for the Annual General Meeting.


The committee has authority to:

  • Review the Association Bylaws annually and recommend to the membership at the AGM any required changes to ensure compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements


The committee may be comprised of:

  • 2 current Executive members (1 of which is the Executive liaison),
  • 2 certified members and
  • 1 member at large.


Members will be appointed to serve for a one-year term renewable for an additional term upon approval of the Executive.  The Chair of the committee is selected by the committee, but should not be the Executive member.


ASBOA is a member of the Foundation of Administrative Justice which provides a variety of courses and programs for professional associations. We encourage all committee members to consider accessing these programs at some point during their time on the committee. 

Recommended Training – Foundations of Administrative Justice

Interpreting Legislation

This course is one of the most practical and useful courses for tribunal members and staff who deal with legislation, regulations, bylaws or policy.  In two days, the instructor introduces a method for interpreting legislation. The method, based on the Supreme Court of Canada’s modern approach to interpretation, combines theory with practice, giving participants a sound foundation to tackle interpretation questions. Developed and presented by David Elliott, arbitrator and legislative draftsperson, the course will include what you need to know before starting to interpret legislation, how to unravel complicated text, and a template for tackling the interpretation of legislation.