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Professional Learning Committee


The Professional Learning Committee is responsible for identifying and developing a variety of relevant quality programs that will meet the identified needs of the membership.

This committee meets approximately 2-3 times per year.


The committee is accountable to the board.


Responsible for the identification of content and outcomes for recommended programs and working with the Executive Director to identify dates and locations and producing a calendar of events to be announced at each AGM for the upcoming year.


This committee has the authority to:

  • Set the PD events and activities on behalf of the association, using the strategic plan and annual budget as guidelines
  • Develop appropriate training materials/resources for members and external audiences that support school business
  • Work with other stakeholders to develop joint programs 


It is recommended that the committee have at least one representative from

  • Each of the four zones
  • covering the various demographics of the membership within the Association (i.e  Finance, Corporate, Human Resource,, Regular, Associate, etc.)

The Executive Director will work with the committee to assist with promotion and logistical tasks related to the programs.