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Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is required under the Professions and Occupations Association Registration Act. The members of this committee meet when applications for CSBO are submitted. Volunteers sitting on this committee must be a Certified School Business Official.



Terms of reference for the Registration Committee as they relate to certified members of the committee, shall be as specified in the School Business Officials Regulations (37/2004) and otherwise as determined by Association policy.

  • To maintain the responsibilities under POARA with respect to the legislated Registration Committee – See Regulation 2 thru 9  for Powers and Duties
  • Responsible for annual renewal of certified members as set out in Regulation 9(1) and (2) and Association Policy


The committee is accountable to the ASBOA Executive.

Reporting Requirements:

Reports to the board 


Powers and duties of the Registration committee are outlined in the School Business Officials Regulation 4(1)


Shall consist of:

  • One (1) certified school business official who is a member of the Executive
  • At least two (2) certified school business officials who are not members of the Executive, one of whom must be appointed as chair

The Executive may choose to add additional Certified Members or use an external assessment agency if required.


ASBOA is a member of the Foundation of Administrative Justice which provides a variety of courses and programs for professional associations. We encourage all committee members to consider accessing these programs at some point during their time on the committee.


Decision Making

Solid decision making is the key to well written decisions. This one-day workshop gives participants a structure for and experience with a practical decision making process. Participants work with a model for decision making to gain confidence in its use. The course covers key elements of identifying and discussing the issues, interpreting the legislation, sorting and weighing the evidence, and applying the facts to the legislation. This course is a must for any decision maker or problem solver.